Dear sir, madame,

In the transfer of Camping Key Europe from CKA to ANWB the App “My Camping Key” which contains Camping Key Europe was not included. It is owned and operated by SCR Svensk Camping in Sweden. They are making further development to improve the App including all Camping Key Europe accommodation discounts, offers and subscription just to mention some features. The new App will be tested in Sweden and will not be available for any other organization during 2019. This means that card holders from your organization that might have used the App will no longer be able to do this, starting within a few days. They will get a message when trying to login. That means they cannot go to campsites with a digital version of the card. The physical card will of course remain accepted.

Fortunately, the inconvenience of the digital card is for a short period. In September/October SCR Svensk Camping will present how the App can be used by any organization/reseller of Camping Key Europe. We believe this is a great opportunity for the future and it will make our processes more efficient, less expensive, more secure and give us new opportunities to add value to the card holders.  We will keep you informed about the developments.

 Kind regards, Ellen Verhoeks